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Can I Back Up WindowsXP Operating System?

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October 30, 2008 5:53:50 PM

I asked a question last night about totally cleaning the hard drive and starting new. Most people suggested that I insert a new WindowsXP disk, and overwrite the old files on the hard drive.

I have an older HP desktop, and it didn't come with a WindowsXP disk, but was already installed. To do like others suggested, I will have to purchase XP on cd.

Here's the question. Is there a way that I can copy WindowsXP from my computer, only copying the operating system and not the old files and junk on the hard drive?

Or will the safest, cleanest way to go is buy XP on CD?

Thanks again for the help!
October 30, 2008 6:04:29 PM

There is no way I know of to remove everything, and just have the OS to backup. It's easier anyway to just get an OEM copy of the OS of your choice.
October 30, 2008 6:15:09 PM

You can't do this with XP on a manufactured PC. You can with a process called slipstreaming but that will not work on an HP. You tower should have a windows sticker somewhere on it. looks like that.

That sticker is the actual licence of windows. Has OEM software circled on the picture. If you sticker stays that you need to get the OEM disk of the version of windows you have. For instance, if you have Windows XP home you need to get an OEM version of Windows Xp Home. If it doesn't say OEM you need to get a retail version.

If you bought the computer from HP it will say OEM though.

Any local tech shop should do a windows wipe and reinstall for 15 bucks. They prolly won't give you the windows disk. HP will send you a disk if you ask (prolly make you pay shipping). But it will be the lame HP bloatware version, you will just need to go in and unistall all the crap you don't want.

Make sure before you do a wipe and reinstall you download all your drivers, chipset, network, audio, and video (which in all reality you can do afterwards) and burn them to a disk. Sometimes windows can't install chipset drivers and you won't have network USB and all that nice stuff you would need to access the internet or your flash drive making it hard to get your computer up and running :p .

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October 30, 2008 6:19:33 PM

have HP send you their disk. YOu can always remove the crapware on it yourself. IMO paying 100 bucks for xp not worth it. Also if you have a friend with a legit copy of xp you can use his disk and your key. I've done this with numerous laptops w/o a problem.
October 30, 2008 6:27:50 PM

With HP you should be able to make a recovery disk from the start menu. Run that program and it will make a Windows install disc for you. Then run the disc. If not, you can all their customer service and get a recovery disc.
October 30, 2008 6:44:07 PM

sithscout80 said:
Microsoft offers an ISO of Windows XP SP3 on their website. You should be able to download the ISO, burn it on a CD, and use the CD key that is listed on your computer.

That is just a service pack, helluva lotta good that is going to do him.