Shuttle xpc which graphics card for hd-dvd playback using 250w psu

Hiya i am currently running a shuttle sn21g5 machine with an amd 4200 x2 cpu with 2gb ddr,standard 250w psu using a xbox hd-dvd player.
At the moment i can play hd-dvds with my on board nvidia 6100 gpu but its a little jerky. This is set a to share 128mb from my ram.
i dont really play games and just want to use this as my media pc in my bedroom but want super smooth hd and blueray playback. am due to purchase a lg combi blueray -hd dvd rom and install that.

Think i would like to stop with an nvidia as the 6100 fairs ok with multimedia stuff over a friends radeon and most card seem to have passive cooling over the radeons fan blown cards.
any suggestion,remember this that the psu is 250w im sure some large card have been used on shuttle machines
and also a pci-e card without power connection s possible
any help appreiceted thanks
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  1. i also plan to connect straight to hdmi also,so assume a dvi to hdmi convertor is sufficient?
  2. 8400GS or 2400Pro
  3. If you plan to play HD video higher than 720p/i then I'd recommend at least an ATI HD2600pro or nvidia GF8600GT as any lower are lacking in power to decode video smoother. If you're on XP then ATI is better driver wise to support accelerated video decoding and also if you use hdmi with nvidia you have to use another cable for audio. The UVD on ATI cards is better than PureVideo 2 on GF 8 series at decoding VC1, your CPU is a little slow so getting an ATI is better I guess. Other than those above, they're pretty much the same, it's your call.
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