How to apply thermal compound & OC - HELP! (Q6600 + P35)

OK, I got all my parts in:

Case: Antec Twelve Hundred
RAM: CORSAIR XMS2 DHX 4GB (2 x 2GB) 4-4-4-12
CPU: Q6600 G0
Heatsink: XIGMATEK HDT-S1283
Graphic Card: 8800GT 512 MB (G92)

OK....all the parts are right here sitting in a, lets see...I have 2 issues...I haven't build a PC in 4 I am wondering what is the BEST way to:

1) How should I apply "Arctic Silver 5" on my Q6600 & XIGMATEK HDT-S1283?
2) What would be the BEST way to OC the Q6600 to 3.2?
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  1. Easy! The AS 5 is very simple to place on the CPU. Place a small drop the size of a half pea on the center of the IHS (Integrated heat sink) and use a single finger to spread it evenly and thinly over the whole IHS. You'll note that it very smoothly spreads, just dont take your finger off the chip once you touch it, until you are done.

    Removing your finger and touching it again could put small air bubbles in it, which you don't want! You do not need to place any on your heat sink base. Just give it a nice dusting with a new paper towel, a soft blow of the breath to remove any fibers, then set the chip in the socket, close the latch, and place the heat sink directly down onto it. Press firmly and give a small turn and then back, then screw that heatsink into place!

    As far as the chip goes, boot it up, leave junk on auto and get her on line, Get Core Temp, CPUZ and HWmonotor so you can monitor the stuff going on. In Core Temp look for the field VID and then list that here.

    That will help determine what your Processor will need to be OC'd.

  2. Check the link for AC5 instructions


  3. Do Not believe the zap the chip rumor!
  4. Unless it happens to your chip, then I didnt say that!

    I have 10 quads and finger them all just about daily with all my fun testing! Never had a single problem. And unless you are a moron, and skipping across your shaggy carpet naked with the chip in your mouth while touching it with two fingers, I think it will be fine!


  5. ok i think i got the thermal paste application do i oc Q6600 to 3.2 on a GA-P35?
  6. You run Core Temp and list the VID of your chip, first.
  7. new Retail q6600 will prolly be 1.3000 or 1.3250 VID. The worse ones they make! Thank intel for picking through their own chips!

    With a stroke of luck, you may have gotten an OEM chip! That would be neat! I hate always seeing 1.3000 VID chips.

  8. Using your finger is a bad idea for many reasons. Only one of which being that you can zap it, it's also bad because the oils on your finger mix with the TIM and aren't very good for heat transfer.

    You should use a credit card or something like that to spread TIM, or at least cover your finger w/ plastic before spreading it, naked finger is a bad idea.

    I'm not saying that using the finger will damage the chip, I know people who do it, but its NOT the best way by any stretch. You're spending extra money on cooling and TIM so why go and take any chances by using a bad method of applying the TIM?
  9. The instructions at the Arctic Silver site don't work well for a direct touch heatpipe type of heatsink, better to use a credit card or something similar to spread a thin even layer on the CPU heatspreader.
  10. Lupi, you can use the finger as long as it is covered with cling wrap, plastic grocery, bag or smiler. I wouldn't recommend using bare finger as the oils,etc of the fingers can effect performance.
  11. Wow, lots of people saying that, yet I havent had a problem and I consistently OC pretty much better than most!

    Maybe its just luck!

    And the poster doesnt wanna list the VID of his chip, yet he wants to OC it to 3.2 at least. Great... Can you please tell us the Factory Starting Voltage for your q6600? they are not all the same, after all. And what is good for one may not be good for the other!

    I have used a CC, a razor, everything to add the paste. Nothing gets it as smooth as a single finger. I am assured of equal saturation. Believe me, I try everything. And nothing works as good. If you are scared of a minute amount of oil, wash your hands! I assumed that people would take the "average" precautionary measures that someone with a modicum of common sense would use when messing with electronics.

  12. I agree with you about the fact that the finger method is the best/effective method to apply. Finger oil's may not effect the paste if you completely clean your hands, but it's just a PITA to go and wash your finger and come back to install the HSF so might as well use a cling wrap to cover your finger.
  13. Thats true, although I must admit that this TIM grease whatever the hell is the strangest stuff I have seen yet. The bare finger method doesnt work at all. believe it or not. The stuff is that... I dont know the word for it, Not thick, or sticky, or thin... It just wont spread with a finger. It all stays on yer finger some how.

    I decided I would just buy what was ranked #1 in testing, and it does work. Lost about 2c or so when going from as 5 polly synth silver compound. I made sure to do the measurements before and after with several chips. ;)

    I do so much swapping of stuff that I dont care. I just use whatever is easiest, smoothest and there. My finger works most of the time. Eww, ignore how that sounds, please!

  14. Pea-sized drop of TIM in the middle works just as well, or the line method.. Contact between the HSF and CPU spreads it out evenly, without worry of oils, shocking, or air bubbles.

    Just food for thought, since it's 2008 ..
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