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I installed my new GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H mobo the otherday, installation and everything else went flawlessly except for one problem: the onboard audio. The Realtek HD Sound will not work. I don't know if this problem stems from the fact that I have a Sound Blaster Audigy SE soundcard that I use for my speakers. I only want to use the Realtek HD for my headphones. Can anybody please help me out here? I really need to know how to get it to work, thanks for any help.

mr. bigglesworth
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  1. From what I understand you have a creative soundcard installed currently on your mobo right? If that asumption is right then you must have gone into your bios and disabled your onboard sound for you soundcard to work properly. I am not completely positive but I do not think that you can have both onboard sound and sound from a soundcard. This to me would cause driver conflicts and I just cant see how you could stably run your system like this. If i'm wrong than your best bet would be to make sure you have the most recent sound drivers for both soundcard and onboard sound. If you get it to work i'll be amazed. I would just route your headphone to the back of your comp for better sound anyway.
  2. ^Agreed^

    Use the soundcard or the onboard, not both. The motherboard you have has the Realtek ALC889A sound chip, not too shabby with 106 dB signal-to-noise ratio playback quality. You might not even be able to hear a difference between that and the somewhat dated Audigy. I say use the onboard sound and then you have your functional front panel audio.
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