Video card problem....please help !!!

Gigabyte Ga-m55sli-s4 Mobo -----> no onboard vid
1 gig ram (corsair 800)
amd athlon64 x2 4800+ (2.5 ghz)
ide hdd (some small 8gig old...)
earth watts 380 psu
Gigabyte Geforce 8500 512mb for video
cd/dvd (sony generic writer)

I've just put this sys together and i'm having a nightmare trying to install the drivers for the video card.
The installation goes to about 99% and then my sys crashes (reboots by itself) so the driver never gets installed...
Every time you try to install the drivers the sys reboots (tryed in safe mode too...same ****)
Bios is updated to latest...mobo seems ok ...memtest shows ok...
I think I narrowed the problem to 2 things : <1> video card or <2> PSU
says in the manual that the video card requires a minimum of 450W to where i only have 380 ...
i think this is the problem ...can you guys help me find the right cause for this issue... ?
thnkx in advance
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More about video card problem please
  1. uh, the 8500 shouldn't need a 450w PSU, and yours is of good quality so you should be OK in that department.
    what drivers are you trying to use? you should try drivers from nvidias website if the CD ones aren't working for you, that worked for me once.

    forgot to ask, what OS are you trying to use? is it 32-bit or 64-bit?
  2. thx for the reply!

    xp sp2 pro 32 bit ... i'll try them right now
  3. same thing :fou: the comp just restarts...
  4. Try this !
    Go in to the bios on boot up of your computer.
    Check to see if the IRQ table is set to Manual.
    If so Set it to Auto.

    Set the ports you never use to off like Lpt 1 or Com1 ect
    This will free a few IRQ`s up.

    Nvidia card`s can be a pig if they request a fixed IRQ and it is in use already.

    It causes the computer to restart or to hang in some cases ok
  5. Always when you go to intall the drivers.
    As it is trying to set an IRQ for the card ok
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