cant get my sli working n650sli-ds4l

i am new to sli i just bought a gigabyte n650sli-ds4l and 2 gainward 8800gt all the jumpers are in the right places and i have tried both graphics cards individually and they work fine but when i connect them in sli the bridge is found by windows but i still do not get the option to enable sli please help any ideas
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  1. i have the same problem, any ideas?
  2. Nvidia control panel > set SLI Configuration > Use SLI Technology, switches SLI on via software.
  3. its not their :S theirs no SLI configuration :S
  4. If you are not getting this option then the drivers have not found both cards and you will need to un-install and re-install I'm afraid, I'm currently using the 175.16's on XP and have had no issues so far, dunno about Fista though.
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