New Vista install - crcdisk.sys error... please help


I recently bought a WD Caviar Green 640 GB HD and had a flawless install of Vista. After about 2 weeks of flawless performance, I woke up in the morning and my PC was shut down (I was FTP'ing some large files before I went to bed). When I booted, I got the "windows did not shut down..." message. I tried to boot with every option, and safe mode stopped loading at "crcdisk.sys", rebooted, repeat...

The drive was (and is) recognized in BIOS. I then installed Vista on an older drive, placed the troubled drive in an external SATA enclosure with usb and it wasn't recognized by Vista.

I have since tried SpinRite, and the program didn't progress past "Discovering System's Mass Storage Devices". I've obviously tried the Windows Vista repairs, but it doesn't see the drive, and stalls when I try to install drivers for it.

I've also tried booting it alongside the IDE drive that I installed Vista on, making sure to set the proper boot priority in BIOS, but the system hung after the little green bar at the bottom of the screen went away.

All I want to do is get some very important data from this disk (about 15 GB). If the bios can see it, I'm not sure why I haven't been able to find my way into the drive somehow, someway to get the data off of it and reformat the drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Problem solved! Sort of...

    Well, after trying countless recovery programs, I decided to return the drive to Fry's and replaced it with a new one. I then remembered that the data that I was trying to recover was recently on a backup drive that I use for misc. storage. The data had been deleted two weeks earlier (and emptied from the recycle bin) so I fired up GetDataBack and recovered all of the deleted files.
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