Intel Solid State Drives

Every PC I have ever owned has been underpowered, and it is interesting to note the emergence of solid state drives (see, for example).

I currently have an HP 9870 PC which I purchased around January 2001.

I'm wondering if installing a solid state drive in this PC would be possible.

Alternatively, what new PC with a solid state drive would make sense?

I'm convinced that a non solid state drive would just be another case of mechanical technology slowing down the PC from operating at RAM speeds.

Any and all thoughts on this issue appreciated.

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  1. if you have a sata port, i don't see why it wouldn't work... but than again, 2001 was before sata i believe, so you probably won't be able to put it in

    the velociraptor is as good as it gets with hdd's, if you want speed you can consider that.. again you probably don't have a sata port
    ssd's are reallly expensive right now, for a good one that costs are ~$700, you can buy some other components that speed your computer up more... or buy a new one altogether
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