Thermaltake purepower 560w work on MSI P6N mobo? question on 12v


Couple of questions please, thanks.

I have a Thermaltake purepower 560w PSU (it has 20pin power plug and what is appears to be 4pin 12v). I don't have 20-24pin adaptor nor 4 to 8-pin adaptor.

I just purchased a new motherboard, MSI P6N SLI Platinum, and I wanted to know if my Thermaltake psu can support it. I guess I'm little confused on 8pin 12v cpu power plug and 20/24pin setup.

In the motherboard manual it says I need 24 or 20pin power and 8-pin 12v for an Intel CPU. From what I've read here, I think I can use 20pin power cable on 24pin MSI motherboard and leave 4 pins open. I think I've also read I can use 4-pin plug on 8-pin 12v. Would someone please help me validate this? Also, what are side affects of using 20 on 24, and 4 on 8 (if this is possible)? I'd rather stick with Thermaltake if there are no issues, but the most important thing is to protect my new investments (e6750, 8800GT, MSI P6N, 4gb ram).

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

MSI P6N SLI Platinum manual:
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  1. Heh its MSI dont expect miracles.

    Most 24 pin motherboards will work fine with a 20 pin psu, and all psu's these days are 24 pin
  2. Yes it will work.
  3. itotallybelieveyou said:
    Yes it will work.

    Thanks for your feedbacks. So I will try 20-pin power and 4-pin cpu power.

    Another quick question; 8-pin cpu power always gets plugged right? regardless of 24-pin being plugged.

    Thanks again!
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