Stock Phenom 9600 AM2 Heatsink Fitting on LGA 775

I am new to computer building and i am trying to lower my cpu temperature on my C2D e6850 by replacing the heatsink. i have an unused Heatsink from AMD's Phenom 9600 Black Edition and i Would Like to fit on my Lga 775 socket. i have checked and space is no issue but mounting it is as the Am2 holes dont line up with the Lga Holes... Is there any way around this? thanks for any help that i can get
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  1. Probably not.
  2. Many 3rd party HSF come with mounting brackets for various sockets. With a stock cooler, they probably don't bother to have put anything but what it takes to fit for that CPU's socket.
  3. Stock coolers only fit the socket they were designed for. If anything, get one of these:
  4. It may work if you improvise a bit. Other then that, it's not exactly a good idea.
  5. I'd say this is one of those things that isnt worth the effort. You can get reasonably good HSF for pretty cheap.

  6. Thanks alot... i ahve been looking at buying an all new HSF.. this is the one id like... XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler. good idea or bad?
  7. That's an excellent idea, just so long as you have a good airflow in your case. The Intel stock cooling cools the surrounding area, so without that, your NB temps may go up.
  8. yes u can get a heat sing mounting for a socket 775 that will cover a am2 heatsink i cant remember the website where i got mine from but if i find it i will let u no :)
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