Still not sure why but there is this one game i like to play but it keeps rebooting my pc.... no other game i play does that so iam pretty sure its not my psu or gfx card the game is R.O.H.A.N and i just wanna play any ideas on how to fix it cause i tried reinstalling and tried fixing gameguard with no luck.
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  1. Check the event viewer for errors.
  2. What would i be checking for exactly?
  3. Try to remember the time and dates of when it's restarted on you. Look in the system log first. Try to find some red X's at the same time/date. If there isn't any, look in the application logs for the same thing.

    If you see a 'critical' error stating that the PC restarted unexpectedly, look just before that. There is usually an error that causes the 'critical' error.
  4. i dont see any critial errors at all odd thing is it usually to my knowlegde only occurs in games that use gameguard but i have yet to test ones without it.
  5. Were there any red X's at all?
  6. no just from 2:07am-2:15am there is no data and another reboot happened around 2:11AM
  7. Download realtemp, and keep an eye on your temps. You could be overheating.

    A flaky graphics driver would likely leave a log in the event viewer, so it's probably not the cause. But, it may be a good idea to look for an updated driver anyway.
  8. i got Rt and it says my core for the i7 are all at 40-45c i still dont understand why the system keeps rebooting wouldnt a psu fail show up on the event viewer?
  9. Not likely. A poor PSU can fail without leaving logs. What kind of PSU do you have?

    Are those temps your idel or load temps?
  10. Ultra x3 1000w but if its a bad psu wouldnt it crap in all games not just a select few? or do some games require more of the psu's power? i just wanna find out before having to buy a new one and as far as anything goes when iam not playing games the computer works fine for everything else and could not fully updating xp cause the reboots? other then the update reboot which i disabled
  11. Hi Aford10 Thanks for all your answers on the forum , is it ok to ask questions to you directly through pm>? and how do you pm i can figure out how to send
  12. Sure, you can PM me. You just click the green envelope under my name.

    Were the 40-45C temps on idle or load?
  13. i agree with aford.. ur comp might be overheatin and shutin down.....i had this problem along time ago wen i had a p4.. wenever the load increased the comp would hav enough & just turnoff...all i did was leave the case open so that all the hot air culd escape but this was an old dell optiplex GX270 so i could leave the case open....however i dont think that could b done with modern cases ! !!
    oh & nice game !! i used to play it b4 i started uni!
  14. With modern cases that I suspect are overheating, I normally remove the side, and point a large box fan at them.
  15. well i switched out my powercord instead of going to my surge protector i put the cord in the wall and it gave my game several more hours of life like 5-6 but then after that it restarted again right after about the 5th or 6th hour into the game if it is overheating how can i fix that? and i have a hyper 212 on the processor to help but case wise what should i do i have the one of 2 side pannels off and for some reason one of my HDD"s is running at 42c aka the segate B and the other HDD is running at 1c my WD idk if that makes a differenece in the restarting or not and how can i fix it? should i move that heated HDD up a rack?
  16. Get a household box fan, and point it at the tower, with the side off. That should give you your answer, on if it's a temp problem.
  17. dont believe i have one of those all i have running even close to it is a ceiling fan
  18. Idle temps
    core 1: 45c
    core 2: 41c
    core 3: 45c
    core 4: 41c
  19. Those are slightly high, but not dangerously. If you have some thermal paste, you may want to remove the hyper 212, remove the old thermal paste, and apply some new. I'm surprised your temps are that high with that CPU cooler.
  20. the pc has also been on for a good several hours also i already did that redo of thermal paste and it dropped it from 50 to 41-45c i never heard of 41-45c being high but it is? and my ultra cooler back before it broke thanks to my brothers friend >< had my pc at 27 each core. ultra chill tech that cooler was great had an led and everything
  21. Those aren't real high idle temps. But for having an aftermarket cooler, low to mid 30's should be expected.

    Keep an eye on the temps under load, and see how high they get.
  22. on the paste part which is better paste thats white and soft like or paste that is gray and thick like?
  23. and i still dont get how to send via pm here.... i see all the fill in spots but no send button
  24. I think it varies by the kind. I use arctic silver, which is a lighter silver-ish color.
  25. the paste i have came with the cooler the hyper 212 from coolmaster do you think its a good cooler?
  26. Here is a screenshot of the PM screen. The submit button is under the message section, on the right.
  27. Yes, that's a good cooler.
  28. yeah mine doesnt show the buttons o.o is mine broken?
  29. Are you using firefox with adblock plus?
  30. and good thing its good since it was pretty cheap
    i dont have much cash after shelling out for my i7 build i should have just got an amd set since i dont even use 10% of my processor
  31. i think iam using IE5 or 6
  32. IE has some issues rendering this forum correctly. If you upgrade your browser, it should resolve that problem.
  33. thanks
  34. aford10 get that pm i sent ya? and sorry if your busy
  35. Yep, I just responded to you. I use hotmail.
  36. i cant find it but would you mind saying what your hotmail is or no?
  37. Sorry, but I would prefer to keep communications here on the forum. You are more than welcome to PM me though.
  38. would an upgrade to windows 7 ultimate 64bit help my random restart issue at all?
  39. Not if you're restarts are caused by high temps. Have you seen how high they get under load?
  40. restarting seems to have stopped since i can get passed the character screen fine now .... i dont get it how could that make a diff switching from 32 bit xp to 64 bit win7 ult
  41. If you installed W7, and the restarts have stopped, it was likely a driver.
  42. now it just restarts when i click on the skill npc....
  43. and how do you make signatures?
  44. Click on the 'manage my profile' tab-->forum options-->type your signature in the box. Make sure to check the box underneath to 'apply signature.'

    What is the skill npc?
  45. a person in game you get the skills for your character from.
  46. Did you make the upgrade to W7 ultimate then?
  47. yes i upgraded
  48. Gotcha. Well, keep an eye on it, and see if it's getting better or worse, or if there's some kind of pattern.
  49. same stuff but at least i can play this time around.... even if i cant get my new skills ><
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