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Okay, so. I have a budget of about 600$. I have speakers, peripherals, data hard drives, and a monitor. Yes, they're compatible.

This case is my second choice, but its cheaper. Which one? (2'nd choice)
- (Athenatech? heard of it? I like the case better, and they work with the parts. It only has a 1 120mm fan, no 80mm.)

I'm not planning on Cross Fire, but i want overclockability.

This has a small L2 cache, but its cheap and can overclock to 3.2ghz on stock fan. Or can it?


Video Card
HD 3850 256mb version, standard specs
HD 3850 512mb version, standard specs (out of stock right now)

Hard Drive
250GB 7200rpm

DVD Drive
I'm looking for decent burning capability and okay access time on a budget.

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  1. ?
  2. not another one!!!!
  3. another what?
  4. help me with me build post's..... eh
  5. Not familiar with Athenatech cases or PSU's so i cannot comment. I do know that Raidmax makes a decent case and a lousy PSU. For a budget choice, this PSU would work.

    Here is a link to the Gigabyte approved memory list. Pick a brand from it. Adata is on there, but it is spotty quality. Corsair, Crucial, Geil and OCZ are better choices.

    Your other choices are fine.

    The "another" comment refers to the fact that their are already a dozen or so recent threads for practically the same system. You might want to read through some of those before posting further. It might save you some typing.
  6. Ok, I'll help

    Case: This is up to you and your tastes. I got the cooler master centurion 534 from newegg today. $50 shipped plus there is a $15 MIR. It's a great case, well reviewed.

    MB: great!

    CPU: great! I have the 2140 1.6GHz at 2.8 with stock cooling. could do 3.2 if I really wanted to, but temps are high with stock HS/fan

    RAM: I like the ADATA, I have the same and it works great! 840mhz, 4-4-4-12 2.0v The other RAM is good too.

    GPU: If you can spend $200 on a card, try the 3870. GREAT card.

    HDD: good, but 320 and 500 GB drives aren't too much more. It's fine if you want to save the money, but you'll need more storage in the future. You'd be surprised how fast they fill up

    DVD: fine, but GET THE SATA VERSION! IDE is a dead socket, SATA is better all around. Losing those ribbons once and for all is a blessing.
  7. I agree with the PSU recommend. What's your budget looking like for a PSU, you didn't list one (I'm SURE you didn't intent to use one that came with one of those cases...)? FSU makes good budget PSUs as well. Theres a sticky in the PSU section for quality PSUs. Pick one you can afford on that list. you only need ~400w tops.
  8. i see the 3870s are up to $250. thats too bad. the 3850 is a good choice too! what is your monitor's res. ? 1600 x 1200 and over will run much better with the 512mb ram
  9. thanks guys. i have a setup now.
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