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Hi all, need some advice im planning to do my 1st OC on a Q9450 to around 3.2ghz Could you suggest a good air cooler to make sure i dont set my house on fire. thanks
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    The Xigmatek is one of the best cooler for a great price. Just don't use the paste it comes with and use a non-silicon based TIM.
  2. how about the thermalright ultra eXtreme?? or a artic freezer 7 pro?
  3. Thermalright 120 Extreme aka TRUE is regarded as the best by many people only when lapped. Without lapping, the Xigmatek performs better.

    The Arctic cooler is a decent cooler for the price, but it's nowhere near the best. It has low operating noise and makes it ideal for a moderate OC.
  4. Xigmatek HDT-S1283 this the 1 you mean?
    Looks good if it is however im worried about the noise it says about 20~32 dBA compared to this i was looking at its pretty noisey how does this compare?
    or do you think this is overkill and a waste of money?
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