NAS HD sugestions, Eco/Green hard drives or not?

Hi guys,

I am planning on buying a a Thecus N2100BM link

I plan on using the NAS mainly for backup but also for some media streaming (maybe even HD vid capable)... Being slightly paranoid I want to run the device in raid1 so it mirrors the drives so I want two 1tb drives. I will be locating the NAS in my master closet next to the houses cat5 panel.

I was thinking because of my location in a smallish master closet full of clothes 50"x100" but it will have breathing room, that I should look into the Eco/Green drives like the WD Green Drive or Samsung Eco drive HD103UI in order to cut down on both heat and noise? And with Eco drives being about the same price as their more power siblings does it make scene to go green?

what would you guys suggest for HDs for this NAS set up?

Oh and although my house is not gigabit ready I will be slowly upgrading to gigabit.
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  1. Heya,

    I have a green drive from WD, the 1TB variety. They're quiet and make very little heat. Highly recommended. They're fast too, it's not like you're getting a slow old drive or something. I recommend them.

    And just to note: I serve DVD's from mine.

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