Faster way to transfer between ext USB HDs?

I've managed to fill a 300 GB external HD and two 500 GB HDs with various things from early 2000 to now and I'm looking to consolidate it all to 1 TB external HD that I just got and give the older smaller HDs to family. My problem is that I exclusively use laptops and my current one has limited USB slots. I use a full sized USB keyboard G15 and full sized USB mouse and that leaves 1 free USB slot. I have a 4 port hub (that works when it wants to) and my G15 has 2 extra USB slots.

Copying all the files from the old external HD to the new one is taking forever. I left them running for 24 hours and it has only completed 20%. This is with both HDs connected to the USB ports on my G15 keyboard. I didn't get any message that said they could perform better on a high speed port, so I doubt that's what's limiting it. I'm on Vista, but have SP1 installed and have Directory Opus as my file manager.

How can I speed up the process a bit?
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  1. Try it without any other usb devices connected... just the hard drives
  2. The usb ports on the G15 KB are mainly for flash drives. They do not run at 2.0 even though you did not get a warning they are still not as fast as connected straight to your laptop. My suggestion would be to use a PS/2 mouse if possible until you get all your data transferred. If there is no PS/2 port you can purchase one of these to help speed things along and they work great. Check the link.
  3. I didn't realize the G15 port were not 2.0. Thanks for the tip. I just plugged my mouse into my G15 and used the remaining 2 USB slots for the HDs and they're transferring much much faster now. Closer to the 20-40 MB/s I usually got from transferring to the individual USB drives from my internal.
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