Computer won't detect video card..

Okay.. so here I was browsing the internet, listening to music, and pounding on my desk. Then suddenly my monitor turns all green. I assumed the computer was frozen since nothing was responding. I then turned off my computer, but when I went to turn it on gives me a blank screen and my monitor tells me it can't find any signal from my video card. So I switch from my DVI-I cables to VGA and use my onboard video card. The problem is my computer isn't even detecting my PCIe video card (8600 gts from MSI) anymore. Inside the computer the fan is running on the card. I don't think its a PSU problem because it has been running fine for almost 5-6 months now, and I have a 500W PSU. I haven't changed any part of my computer. Also, when I have the DVI-I plugged in and have the blank screen, I can still hear the chime that Vista makes when it goes to the login screen, so the computer is still loading, but just won't detect my video card. Anyone know whats wrong?
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  1. Short post RMA your card, or take it back to where you bought it.
    It looks like it has died a sorry death.
  2. I have the same problem, I have a Radeon 1650X Pro, took my card and plugged it into another computer and it works fine.
  3. same problem but on ocassion it will work then stop, i upgraded psu, and have installed all drivers. Also when plugged in to other computers it works.
  4. Exact same problem here, but i have a powercolor ati hd 3650
  5. i have same problem with you guy. This is my situation. That time i need to installed a new OS cause my previous OS was corrupted. But when i started the procedure my monitor black out so i decide to buy another video cause i think there may a problem my card. I buy to 2 video card but i put my card my computer cant detect the card also... but after awhile it detect my card but after a few minutes of installed my computer monitor black out again same thing happen with previous card...

    Do you think it is a motherboard related problem.?

    1st card = pci
    2nd card = agp

    Can anyone help with my problem.?
    Any information is highly appreciated.

    Thank You...
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