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We have upgraded our users hardware and since the upgrade we are having a lot of memory issues relating to excel.

When people are working from large spreadsheets we occasionally get the error about the spreadsheet being corrupt and an error which states cannot complete this task with available resources. However, I know the spreadsheet works fine and there isnt an actual issue with the file.

The new machines are pretty powerful - i5, 8gb memory and when these errors occur the memory usage is only at about 1.5-2gb with 6gb remaining.

Any ideas?
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  1. Are the spreadsheets local or on the network? Have you tried converting/saving the files locally or in another format? Does it happen with other versions of Excel?
  2. They are stored on a file server but I have tested with it locally.

    I cant seem to replicate the issue on my own machine, but I havent had an upgrade.

    All the people who report this issue have had there hardware upgraded. However, all machines are locked down under the same policy.

    We are now all using the same version of Office, which is 2010.

    The spreadsheet does contain plenty of formulas and stuff but the file size is not bigger than 10mb.

    Ive had a google and tried a few 'fixes' which supposedly help but nothing seemed to work.
  3. Windows and Office patches all applied? This only happening with one spreadsheet? Try copying the contents into another new one.
  4. Is it the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Office?
  5. Yeah patches and updates installed. It happens with a few spreadsheets, usually the ones with plenty of formulas and data though.

    We use the 32 bit Office software on Windows 7 64 bit.
  6. If it's running a fairly intensive macro, it may be tapping out the resource limit of the 32bit Office install. You may need to switch to the 64 bit office, or kill some of the other tasks running in the task manager.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, maybe I need to build a test machine with 64 bit office on as the macros are pretty intensive.

    The problem we have is apparently our CRM server doesnt integrate with office 64 bit to well.

    Something to tackle :)

    Thanks again.
  8. Actually, thinking about it...

    The people who are experiencing issues never had problems on the there old machine which was 32 bit office.

    Hmmmmm going to be a long winded one :(
  9. Is that by chance a banking/accounting software?
  10. Ermmm its Customer Relation Management system which holds records, details, information etc.


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