How do I seperate a Raid 0 Array?


I have a friend with two identical hard drives on a raid 0 array. He would like to separate them into two separate hard drives. He has already backed up the data he wishes to keep.

We tried entering his raid controller menu, and there were options such as "rebuild", "delete mbr" etc. We chose to delete the raid array, and it then immediately went on to ask us to create a new raid array and of what type. We escaped from this menu (as we did not want to create a new array) and restarted the computer. The bios did not detect any attached hard drives, and when we tried to install windows vista it could not connect any either.

We were unsure how to proceed, so we created a new mirrored raid drive (as a test) and windows and the bios were able to detect the hard drives as normal.

We tried searching for guides or information on the internet but everyone is concerned with creating new raid arrays or salvaging a broken one. What are we doing wrong?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try completely disabling raid in the bios, then formatting the drives individually.
  2. You make your raid in bios. you can partition when windows ask you where to install, by chhosing partition and making one. You cant partition with your raid utility.

    Or you could partition in Disk management after windows is installed.
  3. Yep concure, After you deleted the array and then exited the program reboot the computer and then go into the BIOS and then under IDE Configuration or On Chip SATA Type (different brands of boards list it differently) make sure its set to Native IDE instead of RAID. Save changes and exit, on reboot it should now detect the drives in the BIOS. Then you can run Windows setup and it will ask which drive you want to set as c: and allow you to format. Your second drive can be formatted here as well or you can do that later in disk managment in Windows.
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