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  1. I did test the ram on another pc, refer to page one of this thread, there's a post tat explains that I took the ram to a pc shop and got it tested in one of their machines, the ram passed, they tried each stick separately. I've tried the separately on my pc too, both give the same results.
  2. Hmm... this is gonna sound stupid, but hear me out. Have you tried checking the ram speed in a utility like cpu-z to make sure it's running at it's proper speed?

    I say this because I once had a motherboard that had it's memory dividers messed up(example. setting ddr400 cause ram to run at ddr530) this was fixed with a bios update.
    But who knows it could still happen.

    Seems you have tried everything imaginable, maybe you got a board with a defective component(bad NB maybe?),
    because this instability does not make any sense. Your system is acting like your ram and mobo don't get along, but you stated that you have heard of others running this combination with no problems right?
    RMA might be the only fix.
  3. cpu-z reports everything correctly as far as I can tell, with one exception. The part number is listed as CMX1024-10000C5D, when the actual part is TWIN2X2048-8500C5D. Made me think of the 'counterfeit' suggestion made by hamradio, but I don't see why someone would change 10000 modules to 8500 and I really doubt that would ever sell counterfeit products. I think it's just cpu-z reporting it wrong, but it's just something that seems a little odd to me.
    Before I bought the parts I googled and found this thread:

    As you can see, the opening poster has the same ram/mobo combination, of course the thread doesn't tell us much, but the poster's specs still list the ram/mobo suggesting that the parts worked together and neither had to be changed. Of course, I'm assuming a lot here, lol. But googling the two components together brings no evidence of the two parts causing problems together (with the exception of my own threads of course).
  4. Try increasing the RAM voltages along with the North bridge voltages.
  5. If you want to flash BIOS, just try USB Flash drive instead of a Floppy drive. Move all data to your HD, reformat your USB Flash drive in FAT32 using Windows Explorer. Move back all files form HD, make a new folder and copy F7 or whatever firmware ( of your MB) to this folder, then using Q-Flash at booting up or in main page of Bios to flash.
  6. I already successfully flashed to f7 using qflash via floppy disk. I don't have a usb flash drive anyway.

    Today I tried the ram in the red slots (2 & 4) instead of the yellow (1&3) but it made no difference. How much should I increase ram voltage by? Bearing in mind that I'm now running at 800mhz, I already tried +0.2v and it made zero difference to my memtest results, so I really don't think increasing ram voltage is going to help. How much to increase northbridge by? I haven't tried that yet.
  7. ^Try +.1 (for the NB)
  8. Just tried that, it didn't make any difference to my memtest results whatsoever. I think I just have a slightly dodgy mobo or something. I hear gigabyte's customer service ain't too great, and if I sent the board back I'd have to buy a new one to tide me over until I got a replacement sent out to me, so I may as well buy a new one and be done with it. But I can't really be totally sure that buying a different mobo will solve the problem and could end up wasting money on another useless board. :( But seeing as the ram passed on the mobo at the pc shop I went to, I'm pretty sure it's my mobo. (I wish I'd asked what board they were using, I know it was a gigabyte too, but I don't know which model, it could've even been the same model as I have, which would have pretty much confirmed that I had a bad board)
  9. Now we defenently know you have a bad board. Try +.3 on the RAM and if this fails too RMA the board.
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