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I'll try to explain what happened. I had transfered some files onto one of my hard drives via usb, then I attached it to my system via one of my SATA ports. Everything was fine. Then I had plugged another drive to one of my SATA ports to create a RAID1 array. However, Intel Matrix Storage Manager seemed to think that the second (blank) drive was the correct one, and it seem to want to try to rebuild a RAID1 array with nothing on it.

Now, I stopped the whole process and ran CHKDSK. Now, none of the files appear on the single drive, however, when I right-click on the drive in My Computer, it says that it is nearly full (which is what it should be). I just can't see any files in it.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks a lot.
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  1. You will need GetDataBack or equivalent.
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