XP Fax program was working and sudently stoped

Hello,I use my XP home edition Fax for distribution facsimile. One day out of the blue when I tried to fax a document I received an error "THE FAX PRINTER CANNOT BE ACCESSED. MAKE SURE IT IS SET UP PROPERLY" I uninstalled and re-installed the printer, and the program nothing changed. I have checked the configuration, removed the fax device from my computer and re-installed it, I can receive faxes with the same program but I cant send from electronic document .doc and pdf and anything else. It seems that there is something wrong with the fax printer.
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  1. have you tried updated the fax printer driver??
  2. If you need to send the documents urgently, you can just download joyfax server to fax them out for you. It has its own joyfax printer.
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