8800gt vs 8800gts (g92)

reading the reviews, it seems that the new g92 gts is about 10% faster than the gt.
i am wondering, if i am going to be buying a card in the near future, should i choose the GT or the GTS?
looking around some local shops i've found an OC GT for about $290, and then a GTS for about $360.

the price is higher, sure, but the card is faster and so i can't decide.
should i just grab the GT now while its available before it disappears from stocks again like after it's release? i mean this one i'm looking at is OC too, so the performance gap will be less than 10%.
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  1. thing is with the gt's overheating problems even with the bigger fan your overclocking range will be rarther limited. my gts runs at 53 degrees idle full load even when fully overclocked max is 65 degrees i would highly recomend the gts oh and at 65 degrees the fan is still quiet
  2. no i mean this one is factory oc. the clock is 700mhz instead of 400. and 65 degrees is nothing man. my 7800gtx runs at 70degrees idle.
  3. 700MHz is a pretty good factory OC. I say go for the 8800GT, the new 8800GTS is priced just a little too high, and not fast enough, to be chosen over an 8800GT right now (especially an OC version like yours).
  4. thing is if you get XFX or EVGA or any manufacturer with covered warranty for overclocking you can overclock the hell out of the gts
    Stock My Overclock
    Core 650 770
    Memory 1945 2200

    i know 65 degrees is nothing my 8500 gt used to run at 90 degrees
  5. i have a concern though. if the default is 400, then an OC to 700 is insane. even though its factory. seems a bit too high for me.
    is this possible or is this some kind of trick and i'll be getting ripped off on something?
  6. the thing about that factory overclock to 700mhz on the 8800gt is that you cannot get much more out of it. the 8800gts has even more headroom to over clock (775mhz) and will run cooler.
  7. im pretty sure the referance core speed for the 8800 gt is 600 not 400 a 75% oc on a graphics card is insane. 100 mhz from the factory is usual but i would pay less for the close to stock version then oc it myself if you were going to get the gt but i will highly recommend the gts
  8. 8800 GTS G92, from Asus.
    It's really the best on its price
  9. what is asus's warranty like regarding overclocking if you can oc it without voiding the warranty the go for it
  10. this one store is selling that OC GT for 340 (canadian, with taxes), and the GTS (not OC) for 420 (also with taxes).

    thats almost a $100 price difference. and the difference in performance between the OC GT and the GTS isn't going to be high enough to warrant the 100 bucks, right?
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