First Time Build Success!

This was my First time building a PC and it is finally together and working!

The only real trouble I had was with the CPU cooler (it was my fault). I would advise anyone installing a LGA775 cooler to make sure you press down on two diagonal pins simultaneously just like the directions say. Otherwise, the process can be much more difficult. Ok, so on to the build.

Case: Antec Solo

Mobo: Gigabyte Ds3R

CPU: Intel e2160 (Coretemps tells me it is running at 35 ºC idle and 49-50ºC under load (Prime95 25.5)

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX2

Ram: 2gb 800MHZ DDR2 OCZ Platinum

HDD: Western Digital WD7500AAKS 750GB

Video Card: 8800GTS 512mb EVGA

DVD-R: Samsung SH-203B (This isn't the way it is labeled on the front, see pic, but I think it is the correct drive. I still need to test some DVD Reading/writing)

PSU: Corsair 450vx

OS: Currently using XP but I am debating using Linux or buying Vista after SP1. Right now I've got a lot of work to do before I settle on an operating system. I plan to OC the processor/RAM in the next few weeks. Speaking of which, if anyone is still reading, I played with prime95 and I'm confident it was running because my core temps went up and have since come back down. However, I haven't been able to "enable error checking." If I OC and something goes wrong (but I can still boot/stay stable in Windows) is Prime95 going to tell me or do I have to find this option?

Ok, now, pictures!

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  1. Congrats. :)

    I'll be doing my first build in the very near future. I hope I'm as fortunate as you.
  2. For future reference. It is not a good idea to put a motherboard directly on carpet due to static electricity.
  3. Oh...thank you very much. I did not realize that.

    Update: I burned a DVD and it seems to work great. I used DVDShrink to encode the DVD (This didn't seem to go much faster than my old comp with P4 3GHz and 2x Burner, is this software limiting?). Burning the disk was great though, taking only about 5:30 on a 16x disk.
  4. Well until you over clock you are only running 1.8GHZ' so ya not a huge difference in speed' hell maybe even less if DvD shrink dont utilize both core. "Im not sure on that."

    Mine is running 3.33 and it takes 22 minutes to burn a DVD dual layer to my HDD.

    I dont use DvD shrink but I assume hence the name that it encodes it to a smaller file which would take more time then an exact copy. I use Any DVD and windows media center to put DvDs on my HDD. To burn a DvD I use Clone DvD. 1:1 Copies.

    My new 500G HDD is coming Tuesday, I'll have it filled up by Wednesday night with DvDs.
  5. You have got some balls to put that mobo on the carpet like that
  6. OC the CPU and it will beat most other CPUs at stock.

    This is from an E2180, and you should get smiler performance, not bad for a $85 CPU :)
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