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I need help with Dymamic Disks
about three weeks ago I had to swap out my harddrives to a new server case because the internal power supp;y burned out Once installed Dynamic Disks start appearing in Computer management\storage and Partition Magic and had to activate them on ComputerManagement storage only
have not created them and asked what a dynamic disk was to Hp tech support and how can I can tell how many disks have been affected before being backed up and converted back to back to Basic Disks they mentioned that hideen database files were written to each disk but were uncooperative in giving out the filename to look for
afraid to convert them to basic and possibly losing data stored on various other drives they're so;ution was to uninstall Partition Magic but that would still leave the disks being seen as dynamic Disks Asked them several times what the database name was so I can determine which drives were actually effected and still they refused to answer the question
Dymamic and Raid Disks are too complicated to deal with and I want none of it
all want is the database filename so all those drives can backed up sand converted back to disk so if anybody knows I need that file name please
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  1. http://faq.arstechnica.com/link.php?i=1806 To be on the safe side, I strongly recommend that you back them up before converting them back to Basic.
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