New Build, Q6600/8800GTS, BUYING TOMORROW!

Hey guys, im looking for any last minute suggestions, concerns, and comments about my new build. I will be purchasing it tomorrow! Im sticking with the Q6600 and the 8800GTS.

I allready purchased 4x1GB a-data extreme ram, and a CM 690 case.

The rest of the build is here

Im in a rush so I just copied the html over to my googlepage. It looks like ****. Sorry xD!
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  1. Looks good man... the aftermarket cooler i dont know of ... youd get better results with a Thermalright 120 or for cheaper side get Artic Freezer 7

    And the Corsair 520HX would be enough to save a bit more
  2. Thanks,

    Im was going with this aftermarket cooler because in alot of reviews they got benchmarks better than zalman 9700 and because its cheap as hell, like 30 bucks.

    On frostytechs top 10 heatsink list they show the older version of this cooler at number 6 so from the reviews the new one got i think i might go with the nv120.

    thermalright 120 is sooo expensive and newegg doesnt sell arctic freezer 7 :[

    Good idea, im now going with the 520HX
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