Need help getting video.

Hey guys, just got my XFX 8600GT XXX card this morning, but I did something wrong with the drivers for my old card. I had a 6200TC card with drivers installed. I went to the XFX manual, and in step 1 it told me to delete the previous card's drivers and so I did. Next, the manual said to reset current gpu card with windows. (I guess means to set it to basic drivers) - This part I skipped by accident. Now, when I do to step two (the hardware install) video does not show up at all. I cant get into BIOS, there is only black on the screen.

Now, I tried putting my old 6200TC back in, but again, only black on screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? Can I reset Windows gpu drivers, without seeing windows? I cant think of anything.
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  1. what u need to try first is to reset ur cmos...try that first and that should do it
  2. Reset cmos, and booted up with new card, didnt come up.
  3. I think booting into safe mode should do it right? But I cant see to get to safe mode. I press F8, but how do I know that I am selecting safe mode?
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