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I only have one more week for a step up. It doesn't appear anything new is going to be offered by the third of Jan. My Question is do I get the (8800gt 512) or the (8800gts 512)? The gt seems like the better deal except for the heat issue. If I'm right the warranty is void if after market cooler used? The gts is $90.00 more but can be o/c and not void warranty. Will the stock cooler handle o/c?
I'm building a new system and had hoped for more sales. So far the only thing purchased is the p180b case. I had picked up the 7600gt in Oct. to hold me till step up. So now i must decide which one. Gt and buy cooler, void warranty or gts for the extra money.
Any help deciding welcome. After buying cooler there isn't a lot of price difference. But the after market cooler would work much better on ethier card. Any owners experience welcome. Thanks

Since no reply and more reading it appears the general understanding is as long as you reinstall the original cooler the warranty is not void. As long as no physical damage to card. On that assumption is the 8800gt, plus aftermarket cooler a better way to go, or the 8800gts w/stock cooler ?? Will not upgrade again for 3 or 4 years.

I'm leaning toward the 8800gt w/ thermalright hro3 gt. Should be able to run cool and fairly quiet. If not then gts w/stock cooler. About the same total price ethier way. Anyone who has run one or both and would like to comment. Your input welcome. If helps leaning toward Q6600 since Q9450 delay, rest of system not decided.
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  1. Any input between 2?
  2. After much deliberation I came to the conclusion that the 8800gt was more bang for the buck except for the cooling issue. I've stepped up to the 8800gt and am waiting for processing. I think I'll get the Accelero S1 Rev. 2. cooler. Does anyone know where the rev.2 is being sold now? Thanks
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