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I set up a RAID 0 with 2 500 gb WD caviar hard drives. They have been running beautifully for the past year. However recently 1 of my hard drives is having errors. I think the hard drive is dying so I want to RMA it but i need to run diagnostics on it first. I have backed both an image of my current 1 tb array and my docs. Is there a way to unRAID the drives, run the diagnostic, reRAID the drives and boot back into windows? Or do you have any suggestions to diagnose my hard drive without using the the WD tools? I am using an Asus Maximus formula, 2 WD Caviar SE16 500GB Hard Drives raided using the onboard intel controller.
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  1. With the onboard controller you just set the controller in the bios from RAID to IDE. Change your boot order to boot from optical first if its not that way already. As long as you dont let the machine try to boot from 1 of the drives you could run seatools from seagate (even on a WD drive) and it will not hurt the RAID array. If you did let the system try to boot from one of the drives while set to IDE it might alter the timestamp of a drive and corrupt data.

    set to IDE
    run seatools (or whatever test you like)
    set back to RAID (if no errors found)
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