Computer will not restore to system checkpoint

I have the 2010 version of Norton 360. I shut off the tamper protection and still received the same message,Restoration incomplete.I am running Windows XP and I am using a WD Smartware external hard drive for back-up. Any help would be appreciated,Thank-you!
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  1. I am not sure if you are trying to restore XP, or trying to restore system files from the WD hard drive.
    You should try shutting off the windows fire wall, or the norton fire wall, which ever one is turned on, or both, and also shut off norton protection as before. The one or two firewalls can prevent a system file restore.
    If it's XP you are trying to restore
    unplug the external hard drive, try again, if it still does not work go to an earlier restoration date in XP system restore. Use earlier and earlier dates until you find one that will work.
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