Need to check temps before overclock

Hey there.
This weekend I put together a new system.

Asus Maximus Formula
Intel Q9450
3RSystem Iceage cooler
Sapphire X3850
GSkill 4gb PC6400

I intend to overclock it a little, but I need to know if these temps are ok for now.
Right now Everest tells me the temps are:

Core 1 - 42C
Core 2 - 38C
Core 3 - 42C
Core 4 - 44C
CPU - 16C

Can anyone explain why the core temps are a lot higher than the CPU temp?

All voltages are on auto and memory is set to 5-5-5-15.
I've read this CPU can go around 3.4 or 3.6GHz. But I won't go all that if I need to stress the system a lot.
My computer is on 24/7, so I just want to give it a boost and keep healthy :p

Any reply is welcome.
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  1. are these the temps under load or idle? if load then these are awesome temps. if idle then they are rellly high. mid twenties to high twenites is what your idle should be. what cooling are you using? stock? did you apply thermal compound correctly?
  2. Those temps are idle.
    I'm using 3rsystem Iceage cooler.
    Read some reviews and all were positive.
    I did apply the thermal compound that came with the cooler. I think it's not that hard to apply it, so I think it's right.
    Using the cooler at full speed the temps drop a little, not much. About 2C.
  3. Well, I was watching those temps on Everest and CoreTemp.
    On Real Temp the temps are about 10C lower. And on BIOS it's even lower.
  4. Quote:
    Can anyone explain why the core temps are a lot higher than the CPU temp?

    Caple, check out the Sticky at the top of this Forum: Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide -

    Comp :sol:
  5. Ok. Gonna take a look at that guide. Thanx.
    But anyway, does anyway know what can be the problem?
    Every software shows me a different temperature.
    CoreTemp and Everest show the same, RealTemp and system information on BIOS show diff ones.
    I'm starting to get a little concerned :p
  6. Please read the Real Temp Documentation -
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