Hey guys,

Im faced with a little problem, these are my specs:

Gigabyte EP35C
2x1GB OCZ Platinum Rev.2 (

When i overclocked the e8400 to 4.05 GHz, I found it impossible to overclock my RAM so that it would pass the Orthos Ram Stress Test. It would fail within 2 seconds.

So i was researching the advanced timings of the ram, and realised that the motherboard was setting the [AUTO] timings incorrectly, therefore i would have to set them myself. Doing so i was able to have 0 errors on the Orthos Ram Test :bounce:

This was achieved at stock 3.0 GHz. Now i wanted to bring my CPU back up to speed, But even a few MHz and it just would not boot to windows!
After racking my brain for the past 11 hours, i still cannot set the correct timings in BIOS so that i can overclock my CPU, and able to pass the stress test in Orthos.

Therefore my question:

Is it a better compromise to leave the e8400 stock 3 Ghz and have Tight ass timings on the RAM.


Clock the CPU to 4.05 Ghz and relax the timings of the RAM extremely ?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, because you have 800 Mhz ram may be the problem, I guess. Set the ram for Sync mode, first off, because that will stretch the CPU OC to 400 x 9 = 3.6 before the RAM is bothered.

    OCZ OCs well, so you can prolly get 420 x 9 = 3.78 before you should have to worry. Loosen the CAS to 5-4-4-15 and you'll get the 450 x 9 = 4050. (5-5-5-15 will get near 1000 Mhz or more.

    And as you OC the FSB to get the higher speed, your RAM speed goes up as well! So to avoid that, 1:1 will give you the lowest ratio. (And lowest RAM setting.)

    Good Luck!

  2. You may also wanna turn off static read control, transaction booster and the like, for they modify ram sub timings, and we dont want that yet! When you get stable, you can turn them back on!

  3. Thanks for the reply,

    If i leave the sub timings on AUTO, the motherboard picks incorrect timings which means i fail the orthos ram test almost immediately! Which really is no fun at all!

    That is my biggest issue!

    Im going to go mess around with the subtimings see if i can boot at all, sigh....
  4. The sub timings? As in, not 5-5-5-15? Wow, those normally fail because people take them off auto!

    If thats the case, you'll have to harass the RAM maker into forking over those weird sub timings!

    How about posting screen shots of CPUz memory field and spd field?

  5. Yea those really strange ones, i have only been able to get the system stable by only taking it off auto :) how ironic :P

    i think i have a screenshot of the Memset!

  6. Did you try to disable static read control and transaction booster? I hope they are the same names in your Bios.

    They both do weird things with the sub timings.

    For instance, with my tight timings and 1 tick command rate, if I enable transaction booster at all, it fails prime blend test because I am on the verge of failure for the ram I use anyways.

    Give it a shot!

  7. did you set the ram to the right voltage?. i have the same ram and couldn't get it to work good at 4-4-4 until i set the ram to 2.1v i think it is
  8. @ Lupi

    I have turned off all functions in the bios. I think i may to just have to contact ocz and ask for the correct sub timings.

    And the ram is runing 2.2v just incase!

  9. Try 6-5-5-15 is all I can suggest from what I see. If its 800 Mhz runnin near 900 it may need the CAS boost.
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