tyan s2882 doesn't start up =(


I hope you guys can help me:

I have this board. I installld everything properly (cpus, fans, drives, cpu-fans, ram...)
The last thing was to plug the switches and leds onto the board: as described in the manual I pluged it on and nothing worked, I changed the pole but nothing happened.

While re-pluging in the power cable and switching the power supply on, my mouse was enlighted and the LAN LEDs (at the LAN buses) enlighted shortly, too. (they did this at the first time, too)
But nothing else happened: no fans started, no HDD started.

My question now is: What am I doing wrong?

PS: I walked through all jumpers and all are set up correctly (at least I think so). Most of them don't have anything to do with start up (example: the bios will start any way, if the pciX is set to 133MHz or not)
could it be that the battery is empty?
(well I NEVER changed a battery of a mobo, so I guess the last for a very long while...)

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  1. I tried to close J19 to have the intrusion detection -> NOTHING
    I tried to connect the GND Pin of that jumper with the chassis -> NOTHING

    What am I doing wrong?

    please hep.
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