MSI P6N SLI Platinum OC

I've never OC'd before due to all of the million dollar word lingo that everybody wants to write that is boring and useless to somebody who just wants to start at the basics.

Don't misunderstand me, I can tell to the once how much C-4 it takes to take down a 5 span 120 ton rated multispan bridge in camel-land and where to place the charges.

I won't bore you with that either, I don't need to qualify myself.

I have at this time an MSI P6N Platinum with an Intel E6750 2 core and 4 1GB sticks of Kingston HyperX PC 8500 DDR2 1066 ram. Newegg doesn't say it and MSI doesn't say it but the box says it will support 1066.

Just reading forums on other sites I went with 1500 FSB and 1000 on the RAM and got to 3 GHzs at 39c with no changes on the voltage. Thats fine for me. Any of you guys out there with MSI P6N SLI boards who have been begging the upperclass GURU's and getting tons of gibberish, here's a start.
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  1. Yee Haw! Techno babble up the wazoo!

  2. 10 Lbs of techno babble does not equal 1 once of common sense. Anybody could go to a geeknoid website and copy an article and paste it to a forum. Most of the real world just wants the numbers not the BS.
  3. WOW !
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