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i just build my new computer maybe 2 months ago and i changed everything except my hhd i have an old 75gig hitashi harddrive which ihave my os on windows vista and anotther 150 gig hard drive where i have my games on. i was just curious is this the correct way of doing it or should i have my games and os in 1 hard drive.

also i was thinking of switching hard drives would it be better to buy 1 velo-raptor or 2 hard drives and set them up for a raid0.

last question for the partion experts is there a a correct manner in partiionning or it doesnt do much for performance mainly

thanks alot
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  1. your VR or RAID0 question has been asked a few times - quick look throught the posts you'll find lots of comments - basicaly RAID0 shines when using larger file alot - games and OS go for VR.

    normal setup is fast drive for games and OS other driuves are file storage.

    partitions 10-20GB OS xxGB Games and apps
    im unsure of what real performance gain you will get from this.

  2. thanks for your help so because the computer is only for gaming then the vr is the way to go.

    thanks again
  3. can anyone suggest a good wd harddrive to consider for a raid0 please i been reading about the black series is that the best any link would be appreciated

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