suspenders for hdd, worth it?

I bought a 300gig velociraptor and a 640gig WD drive that should be coming in this week.
Should I try mounting them on suspenders (elastic bands, specialised devices, whatever) to reduce noise or are they "silent enough" already?
I guess my real questions are: Is it worth the hassle/money? Is there a true benchmark out there that would show the effect? What is your experience with this kind of setup?
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  1. The easiest solution would be these:
    $4, there will be NO GAINS on any benchmark (all they do is lessen vibration/noise).

    P.S. I have a Velociraptor 300GB, and I only notice it on boot up.
  2. I have a Solo case which lets you optionally use suspension mount.
    I tried it, and it worked OK.
    It is not so good if you will be moving your case around.
    I did not find that it was worth the effort. In the Solo case, the hard drive noise was not noticeable. This is true for both a raptor150 and a velociraptor300.
  3. thanks for the info guys.

    I probably will end up putting some rubber in between the case and the hdd if it is noisy.
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