Final draft of new build - Comments? Critics?

Hey! I'm heading home next week and FINALLY going to get a new rig! So, this is my final draft of my new rig's spec sheet:

Intel Q6600 Quad Core 2.4GHz
Asus Maximus Formula
Corsair Twin 2X 2GB with DHX Fins
Asus 8800GTS 512MB TOP Edition
WD WD7500KS 750GB x2
Samsung 203B 20x DVDRW Burner
Samsung 206BW Widescreen (1680x1050)
Gigabye 3D Rocket Cooler II
Corsair HX 650W

Some notes:
1. I know its kinda an overkill to use a single card on the Maximus Formula, but I had a little bit left over in my budget, so i figured, why not? This way, if I could get 2 ATIs and Crossfire them down the track. I know the board won't be able to do SLI, but then again, I heard rumours of Intel and nVidia negotiating some sorrt of a deal, so.... Yeah... Why not?
2. I choose the TOP edition for the GTS because I'm a total N00B when it comes to overclocking, so I don't mind spending a bit extra for a card that I can plug in and forget.
3. Now, with that in mind, could anyone tell me of any software that I can use to overclock that Q6600 by just sliding something or pressing a button in some sort of software and let it be?
4. Is 2GB of RAM enuf? I remember reading somewhere that Vista doesnt use all 4GBs of RAM if present.... Correct me if I'm wrong.

Any comments are apreciated! Thanks
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  1. You need a 64bit OS to use above 3GB. There are Vista 32bit editions and 64bit mind you.

    If your going for Vista i'd take 4GB, as it eats up RAM.

    As for the PSU, a 650W is good for the coming dual cards on your rig, but for single its too much, a 550W would do.
  2. Asus Maximus Formula lets you overclock:

    with this simple change in bios:

    or CPU Level Up in Windows:

    They may introduce instability. You don't need any extra software. Just the mobo software cd.
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