existing hdd + new hdd = raid 0 happiness?

I currently have a WD 640gb hdd, on this drive I have two partitions. One is my XP system partition and the other is my storage files, games etc. The system partition is 50gb which is fine and the other is around 500gb which is getting full. I want to add another 640gb drive in raid 0. Know if this is possible if i could "merge" another drive onto this one?

asus a8ne
amd 3000+
geforce 6600gt
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  1. Making a raid 0 will wipe what you got. You could back your stuff up on another drive then make your raid and port it over.
  2. Backup everything on a separate drive, then format and create the array.
  3. Thats what I was afraid of. Thanks guys.
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