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hey i was wondering if im doing a raid 1 array with 2 hard drives do the two hard drives have to be exactly the same. im asking this because i want to use a Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB Hard Drive as a primary for my OS and other important programs that are always used (yes i know over priced but not for me and money isnt that much of an issue). since the drive is expensive i dont want to buy 2 if i dont have to. i wanted to know is it possible to use any other drive or does it have to have the same amount of memory ( i know of course not smaller then 300 GB). and this is going into a mac pro. thanks for the help
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  1. the two drives do not have to be exactly the same, BUT ideally they should be the same to avoid problems that may occur with different drive speeds, capacities etc. Also, the array will be created according to the SMALLEST drive in the array.

    you might want to think about just making a image of your boot partition instead of running a RAID1 array. it's cheaper, and it will allow you to restore your programs if you need to. RAID1 is usually used on a data partition rather than a boot partition.
  2. You can pair any 2, but why in the hell would you want to pair a slow drive with a fast drive? If you pair it with something else it will slow it down to match the size and speed of the smallest/slowest HDD.

    Your better off getting something 300 or bigger and using it just for backup image, and keep the raptor as is. Even if you got another raptor and did raid 0 you would still have 300G of usable storage.
  3. You will also operate at the speed of the slower drive. I don't think it is a good idea.

    The value of raid-1 for protecting data is that you can recover from a hard drive failure quickly.
    It is for servers that can't afford any down time.
    Recovery from a hard drive failure is just moments.
    Fortunately hard drives do not fail often.
    Mean time to failure is claimed to be on the order of 1,000,000 hours.(100 years)
    Raid-1 does not protect you from other types of losses such as viruses,
    software errors, operator error, or fire...etc.
    For that, you need EXTERNAL backup.
    If you have external backup, and can afford some recovery time, then you don't need raid-1.

    For what it's worth, I love the velociraptor.
  4. wat program would u recommend for imaging and does it have the possibility to automatically create the image on a normal basis such as every day. and if so is it possible to do that it only does lets say 5 images in total and the oldest is replaced always by a new one. dont need a detailed answer would waste too much of ur time just a yes or no
  5. Acronis true image can take an exact image of your hard drive. After that, it will take a backup of only the things that are changed whenever you want. You will want to direct these backups to an external drive where it will be compressed so that it takes less space than the original.
    I would not automate this, although you could. You do not want your backup device to be connected to the original PC where it, too could be destroyed by a virus or whatever. Just take the incremental backups whenever you feel that it is appropriate.
  6. does this program run on macs?
  7. adamthepolak said:
    does this program run on macs?

    I don't think so.
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