Thinking about getting 2 bfg 8800gt oc'

I was thinking about getting 2 bfg 8800gt oc's for my system is this a smart idea or should I wait for the 9800's to come out?? Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

Thank you
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  1. Tell us more about your system and what games you plan to play. I would say go ahead and do it. So many of us (including me) get stuck in this waiting game. Enjoy your games NOW!...
  2. BFG is a little expensive. Why not Evga or Xfx?
  3. My system is below and Im planning on playing games like crysis and it would be nice to play elder scrolls v when it comes out whenever that is. I know BFG is expensive but its on sale right now at best buy for 251$ so i figured id just get two...why not. I have a 24" screen.

    thank you
  4. I have two BFG 8800GT OC's myself, purchased when BB had them on sale. Apart from the noise/heat I like them alot so far. Cryris is the only game I have played so far that challenges this system.

    Still waiting for the Crysis patch that is supposed to improve SLI/Crossfire performance. But right now, at stock speeds with a Q6600, I see a 16% difference at 1680x1050 everything at high with 0xaa/0xaf. But if I enable fsaa & AF, the increase goes up to 46% (4x/16x) for the two in SLI. At 2xaa/16xaf there is a large difference at 21 fps vs 31 fps average, and although it's playable at these settings, I'd like a bit more performance still, hence I am eager for the patch. But compared to the 320MB 8800GTS I had, the pair of 8800GT's is a Crysis Dream.

    edit: just saw your OS....You may want to look into the current Vista 64-bit SLI stability/compatibility.
  5. thanks sooo it looks like ill get the 8800gt oc's coool
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