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MS-Office License Key Location in Registry

I've got a friend who's laptop's HDD is failing, to the point where it cannot load Windows, even in Safe Mode (it repeatedly blue screens after the Windows Home Premium logo comes up). I was able to copy most of her data to my PC by putting her HDD in a disk cradle/caddy (took 8 hours for 150 GB!).

I have her Dell Re-installation DVD to cover re-installing Windows 7 on the new HDD which will be here tomorrow, but since I can't boot the laptop I have no way to install Produkey or Keyfinder or any other program which will tell me the license key she was using for MS-Office.

Does anyone know where to look in the registry for the location of the Office license key? Does anyone know how to load a Windows registry from an external HDD (assuming I can still read her registry)?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. Sorry for the duplicates, my browser kept telling me there was an error with the site. Moderator, please delete the duplicates. Thanks.
  2. Well, a little research has shown me that the keys are encrypted, so without a keyfinder program it's pretty much impossible to find it. Looks like we are out of luck.
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    WOW! Produkey allows you to specify an external source for a Windows registry, and it works!! This is a fantastic program!
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