Bright or rainbow corruption on screen edges with 2 different ATi card

On 2 different ATi cards i have, they will occasionally have the bottom and right edges corrupted. The corruption varies slightly, but is generally rainbows of colour, or just white washout going along those 2 edges. It does not always happen, and sometimes it will go away with slight changing of settings. I can't think it is a rare problem because i have had it on 2 different ATi cards, but i can never find anything on the internet relating to it. Does anybody know how i can get rid of this corruption.

i have a screenshot of the corruption if it would help, it happens in a large number of 3d games
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  1. I might not be a genius, but I think it might help if you pointed out wich 2 ati cards you where using when you got this screen corruption.
    Posting what driver version you are currently using and weather you have tried some different versions to see if they resolve the issue might help aswell.
  2. Have you tried checking your monitor. My old CRT TV used to do similar things to your problems. Also do you have speakers close to the screen as that would coz the screen to warp and have rainbow colours.

    Tiz just another thought away from the gfx cards thats all.
  3. It has happened on an X1600, and X1900, any driver. i know it is not the screen because it shows up in screenshots like this one from CoD 2
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