Help! I need a motherboard that is really E8400 ready

I've gathered together the parts for a new computer and am waiting on an E8400. The only thing left to choose is a motherboard. Here's my problem. The GA-P35's (what I was looking at) need a bios update in order to handle an E8400. But if I only have an E8400, I can't use that processor to get the bios updated.

Do you know of any motherboards that are really ready- bios ready- for an E8400- like buy it on Newegg, slap it in and whalla! Done! Are there any? Asus? Abit?

Some have suggested buying a Conroe 420 as a way to update the MOBO. Ok, I'm willing to go that annoying route, but will it really work? I'm new to the computer building world and am not sure how that would work. Do I download, say, the GA-P35-DS3R bios version 2.1 from the Gigabyte website onto a CD and then pull the bios off the CD with the Conroe 420 in? I guess I'm just imaging things not running smoothly enough- all the parts coming together well enough for some reason- to allow for the bios to update. Can someone tell me how the Conroe process will work if you can't recommend another MOBO?

Help a noob!


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  1. Thanks for the helpful comments. I'll probably go ahead and order a Conroe 420 just in case. For 40 bucks it's probably better to be safe than sorry.

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