Recover a deleted file with the same name as an existing one

Hy guys,

I'm trying to recover a .log file from yahoo messenger. I was stupid enough to delete it (shift+del) and when i logged into YM again, it created the log, with the same name, same location, of course...

Now I tried 6-7 recovery files programs, and all of them find the file, but not the old one, the new one....

Is there any way to recover it, or is it wishful thinking?

Thx in advance, and sorry for my English.
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  1. Try opening the recycle bin and see if the old log file is there. If it is you can restore it by right-clicking on the the file, and select "Restore."
  2. Hi

    Download the trial version of undelete-plus program from the following site and try.

    Good luck
  3. @treefrog07

    If I used Shift+Del, doesn't that skip the Recycle Bin?


    Thanx, but I already tried it :(
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