Is this a graphics card issue?

My old PC is having some serious issues that I need some help with.

When I power on, 1 of two things happen. Either it starts working, and the monitor clicks off, or the computer makes multiple loud beeping noises.

I tried switching monitors, but that does me know good. The only thing that I could think of is the graphics card.

My pc has an integrated graphics card.
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  1. Check your monitor setup menu. Are you using DVI-D or DVI-I cable?? have 3 vp2130b and they each came with a DVI-I. I then ordered the DVI-D Dual Link cables online at as I wanted pure digital signal. Just a heads-up on the monitor setup, I didn't realize I had one monitor setup (in the monitor onscreen setup menu) with the input priority set as "Auto Search", so what happened was on boot the 2 video cards initialized and 2 monitors lit, but the 1 monitor set as Auto Search would not. First I thought I had a Catalyst software settings issue and I could force the 3rd monitor from CCC, but on reboot the Auto Search monitor didn't have enough time to search for the signal, in time for loaded desktop. After all 3 set to DVI-D all is well and 3 monitors are lit for logon. Pics here:
  2. What is the sequence of beeps? It should be a repeating pattern of something like 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps.

    Also, when the computer does startup, at which point does the monitor click off? By that I mean what is the last thing you see on the screen before it goes dark?

    To say with absolute 100% certainty that your monitor does work try hooking it up to another system and see if it'll display images. But my first hunch would be a problem with your video card.
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