New build ,some final questions/concerns of mine

My new and first build is:
mother board-
CPU Fan/Heat sink-
Every thing else I'm re-using from my store bought HP.

Now my biggest concern is of course, will that all work to gather fine with no problems?

And I'm using my OEM HDD with XP installed on it, I already made the back up disks for it. It says it can restore windows on a completely blank HDD. So my question is will I be able to hook all this up, and insert the dvds to start a full windows restore and it will be able to boot up?

Also if you can give random advice on this build about what problems I may run into would be appreciated.
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  1. What is this rig going to be used for? If you plan on gaming - that onboard Radeon won't get you very far. :p Anyways...

    Some concerns -

    I'm guessing you have an OEM copy of XP from HP? If so, it's probably going to try and load all the HP drivers right away which will prevent you from booting. If this is the case - you MAY be able to boot into safe mode and set everything to generic. If you have a real copy of XP, this won't be a problem

    Motherboard: That is a micro ATX board. What case are you using? If it's the factory HP case, you'll want to check with them whether or not a mATX motherboard can even fit inside. You see, HP often uses proprietary parts so that standard items will not fit. (e.g You have to buy **** from them since only their parts fit)
  2. I would invest in a better PSU.

    Try this:
    Rosewill 430w PSU
    I have found that they are very reliable.

    If your budget allows, try buy somthing like Antec, FPS, Seasonic.

    BTW, an third party PSU may not fit in your HP case either. Alot of times they will use specially sized PSUs in order to make the computer case smaller.
  3. I would change your PSU.....this is much better for the price
  4. You don't want a cheap PSU. It could take with it all your investment.

    Top Tier PSU:
  5. If you made your back up on a computer with different motherboard it aint gonna work right if at all.
  6. My HP computer didn't come with XP discs. HP uses its own partition of the hard drive for system restore and back up utilitys. It tells your to make your own disc just incase you have a HDD fail. So I just made the discs.

    I'm not worried about the case, because I can modify it easy.

    As for that PSU, lots of good feed back for that one plus that psu looks just like the one that's in the computer right now. What's the worst thing that can go wrong with the PSU (that's likely) I may spend a few more to get as listed above.
  7. You need to buy xp or vista then.
  8. are you sure? Because it says it can be used on a blank HDD.
  9. It can be on a blank HDD on your old HP. You got a new motherrboard and parts, so you cant use it it will not work. You cant take a HP CD and use it in a Dell. They are locked to their own makes.
  10. If you use the HP OEM XP CD with the new build it will nor activate.
  11. Try it. Im not gonna argue with you about it. I explained why it wont work. Just dont make another thread after your new machine dont install windows because you will already know why.
  12. Did you even read that link? Because it removes the hardware IDs from the OS and all the drivers so you can put it into a new system and when you boot up it reconizes the new hardware then you just install the drivers. That seems like it would 100% work.
  13. I'm reading through the comments from and found another way to do the switch they call it "Standard PCI IDE Controller trick" how it works:
    "Put the HDD in the old machine, change the HDD controller to "Standard PCI IDE Controller", and then immediately shut the PC down and move it to the new PC. As long as the HAL is the same, the PC will boot. Be ready with driver CDs or floppies, and you're all set."
  14. You do not understand. Drivers dont mean nothing in this situation. The other posts sounds great if it was custom systems. HP OS's are locked to HP through the BIOS on the HP motherboard. And by some miracle you did get it to bott and load. When you activate it , you will fail. The key you have will be registered to HP components.
  15. If I were to try this and failed, could I just put it back the way it was and boot it normally?
  16. Back in the original machine with original parts Ya.
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