Are temperatures on my Core 2 Quad ok ?


I have the following Config
Asus P5K Premium Wi-Fi/AP
2 x 1 GB DDR2-800 Kingston HyperX RAM
eVGA 8600GTS
Asus Lightscribe DVD Writer.

I'm getting temperatures of 42, 44 , 35 , 39 Celsius in the 4 cores using CoreTemp 0.95.

Is this ok or should I be using some sort of cooling ?

Upto what temperatures is it safe / OK to have ?

thanks in advance,
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  1. You're fine. A little variation from one core to another is normal. You're well below the threshold of 70-75c. I would leave it alone.
  2. thanks o1die!

    Any links with info on CPU temperatures and how much is safe if I overclock etc ?
  3. That's only 111 degrees Fahrenheit, which is really good!
  4. Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

    That guide should help you along. :D
  5. ^ :D :D.
    Your temps are fine
  6. thanks everyone for the replies!

    just wanted to check since I am on air-cooling only :)
  7. HELLO, OK,

    If harireghu28's temp are fine check out what I had before I changed out the HSF. Are mine too low? or can anyone go too low for a Q6600?

    finally installed the ZALMAN 9700 (LGA775) HSF to replace that Silly Pushpin type Stock Intel Fan,…AND the Coolermaster TX2 Pushpin type HSF ….. and VOILA! LOWER TEMPS! I hope these are reading up to Par. I took the Mobo out, installed the back plate and re-did everything.

    I have some screen shots. If anyone sees something that's not right, please let me know.

    Someone mentioned something about the DOT, I'm not over-clocking. Also, in the CELL Folder, the INTEL EIST..something I should know? Are the fans ok in the H/W BIOS?

    In case the attachment doesn't make it. before the switch, the CPU Temp was running @ 63c and System temp was 26c, the cores were

    BEFORE >
    Tj MAX 100c
    CORE 0 = 58c
    CORE 1 = 56c
    CORE 2 = 49c
    CORE 3 = 48c
    NOW >
    CORE 0 = 33c
    CORE 1 = 32c
    CORE 2 = 26c
    CORE 3 = 27c

    Someone mentioned something about the DOT, I'm not overclocking. Also, the INTEL EIST..something I should know?
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