Need advise with sata raid or SCSI hard disk

I'm currently running Vista on Raid0 with 2 SATA Seagate 80Gb 7200rpm, I'm using NVIDIA raid controler on board. Now, I just get a Seagate Cheetah Ultra160 SCSI 10k rpm 36Gb, and a SCSI controler card AHA 2940UW from a friend. My question is which one I should use for OS? 2 SATA on raid0 or single SCSI hard disk? Do I get better performance with that seagate cheetah?
Any advise will be appreciate. Sorry if I post in wrong place.
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  1. I'd use the Cheetah for OS, and the SATA for apps.
  2. I agree with cjl.
  3. cjl, antiacid, thanks for the advises.
    I have another question. I'm trying to install vista on the Cheetah, but it just freeze up after i clicks Install Now. I also tries XP Pro. It was fine when format and copy files, but then when it said restart, my computer just keep restart from CD, not from the HD to continue install XP. Have any ideas? This is the first time i use SCSI HDD, so i have no idea how it works.
  4. have you gone into your BIOS and enabled the scsi controller to boot after your optical drive? it might be defaulting to your SATA controller.
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