New system build reboots at XP SP2 splash page

I am installing the following system:

MB: Asus 680i Striker Extreme
CPU: Intel qc6850
Memory: Corsair XMS DDR 2 800 2x2GB 5/5/5/18
Video Card: eVGA 8800 Ultra
Case: Cooler Master 830 with 1k watt PSU
HD: 2x 150gb WD Raptor drives
CDRom: Asus Lightscribe drive

After install, system posted, i was able to get into the bios, setup raid, initalize the raid.

All the different components showed up correctly in the bios.

I then tried installing XP SP2. I was able to load my raid drivers, and do the first part of the install

However, after it finished, it rebooted and then went to the Windows XP Splash page and the little bar went back and forth twice, and then the system rebooted.

I then removed the drives from the raid array, set them back to SATA, re-formatted the drives and tried to re-install. Same problem.

I tried swapping video cards, no luck.

I tried swapping ram, no luck.

I unplugged everything from the motherboard except the cpu/fan, replugged in just the video card, hard drives, power connectors for the fans and motherboard.

Tried again, no luck.

Any advice on figuring out what is broken would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. frantically press "F8" before the windows splash and youll get the boot options menu from there choose i think its called "dont auto restart on error" or something like that. Maybe you are getting a BSOD if you are let us know what the error is.
  2. Might be the ram voltage. By default, it's 1.8/9v. Your ram might need more.

    The 1st thing I do right after a new build isn't setting up raid. It's to make sure everything works. 1st thing, set up bios, run memtest for 1-5 passes, then overclock if it's planned & memtest again, install xp & orthos, run orthos overnight, if all goes well, run random system tests like pcmarks, sandra, everest, etc.
  3. Take out one of your 2GB mem chips, install XP, then download the 4gb memory hotfix from microsoft. Then shutdown, install the 2GB and restart and enjoy your 3gb of ram since 32bit XP will only address the 1st 3 GB anyway. :)

    If you leave the full 4GB a lot of times you can't even install.
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