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Guidance is it safe to purchase games from digital download service?

December 18, 2012 3:04:17 PM

im znyth and im from india and im really have a great interest in games and i play alot as ive purchased alot of pc games in cd a frend of mine mentioned me about purchasing games from a site known as this site is the only site which is a digital download site. as ive never downloaded an original game im just bit nervous on this coz im prone to disc games but downloadin too is not an bad idea as this has become a very trendy busines which i too wanna experience so before that i just want a little guidance like ive a question that if im purchasing this game how im gonna obtain it and internet is compulsory i know wat if my download is not completed do i have to start again as in my place net surfin is very expensive ive to take that in account and one important thing can i save it in my hard drive