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looks like my HD has a bad sector in it and the operating system (XP Professional) will not boot. I am going to install a new 80GB HDD as a master and slave the old 60GB drive in an attempt to try to recover some data from it. Do I need to partition the new HDD to install XP Pro on and if so, what size partition should it be.

From what I have read, in order to install XP Pro onto the new drive, I need to insert the CD into a DVD/CD drive and boot the computer up... this should get me into the OS install windows. Hopefully I will be able to pull data from the bad drive that I had not saved since my last backup to my external HDD. I don't think my original HDD had a partition for the OS and want to make sure that if one is required I have the right size... thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. the only reason to partition such a small hdd would be if it were the only hdd and you were going to use norton ghost,,,BTW,, your "bad sector" might just be a software error, if you had scandisk on a bootable floppy,,you might get lucky,i have had the same error once or twice and "lo and behold" 'twas a software error,cross linked file or some such garbage,also you could try reinstalling right over the existing install from your dvd,none of your installed proggies will work but,,you won't loose anything either,OTOH a nwe 80 g is better than an "oler" 60g,make a good back up,if it is still good,you can always get the diags from the hdd manfu later on and check it out for sure..:)
  2. Use Seatools from Seagate to scan the drive to be sure and use spinrite (google it) to try to repair the bad sectors if you have any. Then you can attempt to copy data from the drive or just image it to the new drive.
  3. I've got an older Dimension 4600 machine and the OEM HDD was set to cable select on the jumpers... I gather that means I have a cable select ribbon, so I am assuming I want to set the new drive to cable select as well... I put the new drive on the end connector and the old drive on the mid connector... will this make the old drive the slave? After I get the new power supply installed do I drop my XP disc into the CD to install the OS?
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